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Christmas Mantle Sleigh

Kia ora Creatives!!!

Wow it's already December so let's get our Christmas craft on.

I jumped straight in with this. 

I forgot to stop and take pics so there is no step by step  For my first project I was a bit overwhelmed but once I got my paints and glue sprawled out on the floor I was away!!!

I started with a black base.  I spray painted the entire thing and trees. I used some distress paint to add some color to the trees and things started coming together.

I destashed and threw out most of mixed media supplies a couple of years ago when I had given up crafting FOREVER !!!! Lol but I found some stuff in my stash.

I made up this yummy paste of white glue...chunky gold and silver tinsel...a tiny bit of pearl white paint and heaps of glitter. That's what I've used for my snow it worked out great!! I applied it on nice and thick. On the draws I lightly brushed some on just cause I can't help myself.

For more sparkle I did some gold leafing on the base and on these laser cut words. I sanded it to distress and make it look delicious!!

I love collage soooooooo that's what happened to the draws. Layered music paper and tissue paper have made this beautiful vintage vibe. I distressed the edges of the draws with ink and rubbed gold on the edges for a finished look.

And then it just needed to be assembled and DONE!!!!

As an advent calendar it usually has the dates on. I didnt like the look of that...I didn't want the numbers to be the it gives me anxiety thinking about missing a day so best for me to leave the digits off lol.

It's been awhile since I've done this kind of craft but man it was like riding a bike. 

Check out my YouTube vid

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For more creative carry ons!!!

Tash x


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