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Mixed Media Mache Cat

Hey all, another post from Christine today. This time she altered a Paper Mache Cat. 

For this project she prepped the surface with white gesso.

Placed her metal filligrees, chain, buttons and charms using a good glue like E6000, Prima Gloss Gels or 3D gels.

 After happy with all the fun bits n pieces. She coated the whole cat with black gesso.

After this process was complete and gesso all dried. A quick paint with the Prima's midnight sky -metallic paint all over. 

Finally - to highlight and make this cat pop... a rub over on the high points using Prima's metallique waxes in rose gold and old silver.

And here's a couple finished pics!

If you are interested in altering one of these, contact Faith as these may not have been loaded the Mache bases to the website yet. There are a few different pieces of which Christine has already completed and will be featured in upcoming posts.

See you all next week :) 

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