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Halloween Advent Calender Part 1

Hey All,

Thought I'd share where I'm at with this Advent Calender this week. I must confess, I haven't really spent a lot of time on it BUT I've prepped all the hard pieces/the boring gluing and adding paper, painting boxes etc. Now I know what some of you are thinking? It's only got 24 boxes right? Well... that don't matter, cos I'm starting from 7 instead :) Problem solved right? Or do I get hubby to scrap this and totally make a new one? Haha nope I better not ( although I know he did enjoy making this one happen for me)! The outer measures 36.5x36.5cm and YES good news is the base/boxes and numbers (1-25) or (7-31) all made from 3mm MDF will be available for order! You'll have to message me if you want one sooner before the release. They'll be on special for $50 for a limited time. This is how it's looking at the mo.... what do you think? 

I get to embellish and add all the fun bits next week! We have a show on in New Plymouth this weekend and so again, have been really busy organising for this. Not sure if it'll make the next blog post but we'll see :) 

Hugs, Faith

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