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Mixed media MDF face Final

Hey all,

So I did a little experimenting with this piece and tried a couple different colour sets. I used black gesso as you saw last week. This was the result using metalique wax and opal wax from Prima.

I then painted it again with black gesso changed my mind and painted it with white gesso and then took the advice of a reader and used some pearl ex in 2 different colours. The richness of these 2 colours were lovely. I didn't take a pic except for at the end...sorry! I only had 2 colours of the pearl ex and decided that I should do another couple more colours... using my Lindys sprays... and a few other bits n pieces 

By sticking 3 coats of gesso over my metal pieces I felt I lost the detail... not much, but would of been better with lesser coats I think. I would definitely gesso over again and stick to couple colours with highlights. This piece is a good piece to showcase a variety of products and so I shall keep it this way for display. Here's how it turned out :)

Thanks for stopping by this week. It's been a busy week. I'm working on one of our MDF advent calendars - Halloween themed (yes I know Halloween is ages away - but it's for display at SENZ ). I have some other kits on the go and getting ready for New Plymouth Show next weekend at the ASB stadium. 

Hugs, Faith

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