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Tales of You & Me Mini Album/Flip Folio

Hey readers, I have really loved using these gorgeous papers from Prima Marketing and I am sorry to say I have just about exhausted all that I received from Faith Pocock Craft Studio. I have a few projects planned with scraps and snippets I have left over. I tried so hard to get the most I could out of them. I had so many ideas and projects that I wanted to do with these papers. One of those WANTS was a mini album. I soon realised tho' that I just didn't have enough for a full blown mini with all the pockets, tags - basically everything that opens and shuts. However I did have a enough for a little mini photo folio or flip album.

This little album was totally inspired and created from SuperHappyScrapper over on youtube. Chandra offers great tutorials for free and I couldn't resist making her Mini Folio Folder Tutorial for this mini. Now I have used her tutorial pretty close to the letter, all I have done is punched my edges and flipped my front cover so that opens on the opposite side....oh and I added a belly band with a trifold booklet to house more photo's. So I will stop yabbering and share the pics...

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....remember to live your bliss......

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