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April 5, 2016

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December 1, 2017

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July 18, 2017

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VIntage Accordian Photo Holder

Well readers I am kinda stuck as to what to actually call this project.  I keep refering to it as a concertina accordian photo holder thingy, but all of that would make for an awful long title.  So I have shortened it to Accordian Photo Holder.   








A little while ago I saw something similar to this over on Pinterest, which then led me to the Youtube video.   You can find it here.   So I went on the hunt for a tutorial or even a bit of a walk through on how to create this, but I found nothing.  So I set to work on having a go at creating this from scratch.  Below are some glamour shots of my prototype.  I really learnt a lot from creating this.  I now know what NOT to do and what to use.  Soooo if you would like to join me and create this unique way of storing photo's please leave a comment or email us from the contact us tab and I will get to filming a tutorial on how I created this.  














Yes readers, you read that correctly up there ^^^^ filming a tutorial.  I will create another of these for you to create along with me, so please let me know you would really like to see how I created my version of this... and as usual ....  

till next time...

....remember to live your bliss......

✿ღ.~♥  Much Love ♥~ღ.✿




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