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Butterfly Statement Necklace

Hey there crafters

It's Tasha here and I want to share with you this beautiful butterfly necklace I created using suplies from Faith Pocock Craft Studio.

I am new to Jewellery making but as you can see even beginners can create something beautiful when you have amazing supplies.

The pearls are from my stash but the beatiful butterfly as well as all the chain, charms and beadcaps you can find in faiths online store.

I used to be a bit intimidated by jewellery making. The pieces I had in my head I didn't think were pieces that people would want to wear but then I came across this amazing artist Angela Venable and she shows us that whatever you want to do....JUST DO IT!!! Now my attitude to jewelry making has changed completely. If you want to dangle keys here and skulls there GO FOR IT!!!

She also opened my world up to E600. Which I haven't used in this particuler piece but basically with E600 if you can't attatch it.....GLUE IT!!

With all these great crafting supplies from faiths online store anything you want to create can be achieved!!

Hope you have been inspired to try your hand at making some wearable art. For those who are already a bit fancy at making Jewellery be sure to check out the goodies over in Faiths store.

Don't forget you can use all these supplies in your papercrafting aswell and mixed media creations.

Have fun!!!

Tasha xx

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