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Steam Queen Galactic

Steam Queen Galactic


Date: Saturday 15th October 2022

Time: 3.30pm-5.30pm

Teacher: Esther Salisbury - Designed by Faith Pocock

In this class you’ll learn simple layering and colour applying techniques using mixed media products. Expect to get a little messy. We’ll use sprays, paints, waxes, art stones, embellishments, stencil, moulds and MDF.

Please bring: A good glue (Aleene’s or Art Glitter glue) Palette knife and paint palette to hold gesso, paint and some wax. 2 paint brushes medium and small. Small water spray bottle. Mat. Wipes and gloves.

***Some drying in between layers will require a heat gun - we’ll have a heat gun station that you’ll need to take turns at. This will consume a bit of wait time.

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