Side by Side Paper Storage for 12x12

Side by Side Paper Storage for 12x12

Made from MDF 6mm exterior and 3mm shelves.

Measures 330x330x330mm

Will come flat-packed and will require assembly without instructions but is pretty simple to work out. 

Lay pieces down and stack all those that belong together on top of each other (ie, 5 shelves, top and bottom, sides. Make sure they match up correctly. Turn piece/s over if needed.

Take a shelf and lay on back and one side piece. Slot shelf into side piece and continue to do so to other 4 shelves. Take 2nd side and guide slots into shelves. Stand upright to stick the top on, flip, and then back again using one hand to guide into slots. Finally - place the back on. 

Use a good wood or PVA tacky glue on the tabs.