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Mini Top Hat Kit

Mini Top Hat Kit

A miniature top hat measuring approx 4 inches high. Comes flatpacked without instructions and includes the following content.
2 clock hands
Wheel and (cog for backing)

Assemble hat. (I used a bubble stencil not added in kit for a bit more texture in random places all over the hat using paste). Adhere gauze about an inch from the bottom around the hat, mostly to the centre.
Gesso all loose pieces both sides except small cog. Glue cog to centre of wheel. Turn over and glue long hand to centre of wheel then seahorse hand to centre top of the long hand in a 10.05am sequence or similar.
Glue wheel to the bottom of hat (see pic).
Glue shells on top of gauze around the hat.
Cover everything with white gesso. Dry thoroughly!
Add mica sprays to the hat. Do light sprays in spots all over the hat. Dry between sprays. Use around 3 colours and use a darker colour to darken behind the shells. 
Once happy. Dry thoroughly again and then dry brush over the textured highs with white gesso.
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