A Winter Wonderland - North Pole Inn

Saturday November 2nd 
Time: 4pm - 7pm
Tutor: June Rowland
Cost: $75.00

This 3 hour class will help give you ideas on how to decorate many other off the page projects in the same style. 

You’ll be busy adding different textures in layers to your house and applying a glittery coat to have your house sparkling and glistening.
We’ll create & decorate embellishments and make icicles to complete the look.
You’ll see how easy it is to dye all the trees the same colour and achieve a uniformed look.
The led lights included in your pack will have the North Pole Inn glowing all through the Christmas Holidays.

NOTE: This house will come assembled with its first coat of paint.
- 2 choices of colour for top coat will be available in pastel pink or blue.

A gorgeous project not to be missed!!!

Contact us to book this class.

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